Getting Started with OICR-CUD

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Step 1

Manage your CUD Account Settings

Your Central User Directory (CUD) Account lets you access numerous websites and services. Log in to to manage your account settings (e.g. updating your password).

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Step 2

Manage your CUD Group Memberships

Being a member of a CUD Group lets you use your CUD Account to access websites and services specific to that group. Upon receiving an email invitation, accept in order to join a group. Or log in to to leave a group if you are no longer interested in accessing those websites and services.

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Optional Step

Be a CUD Group Owner

Members of a CUD Group can use their CUD Account to access the same websites and services, making it easy for cancer researchers to collaborate online. As a CUD Group owner, you have access to additional features on to help you manage your group

  • Invite both OICR employees and non-OICR collaborators to join your group.
  • Keep the list of group members up-to-date.
  • Grant other group members ownership so they can help with group management.