About the Central User Directory and this website

What is the Central User Directory?

Central User Directory

The Central User Directory (CUD) is a new and improved login system hosted by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) that makes it easier for users to access OICR-affiliated websites and services by integrating all accounts into one. This enables OICR employees and non-OICR collaborators to log in with a single account and have access to a number of websites.

What is cud.oicr.on.ca?

This website cud.oicr.on.ca is for users of the Central User Directory. By logging in, users can quickly manage their CUD Account and Group memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Central User Directory

OICR websites that are now using the Central User Directory have a “Connected with the Central User Directory” button below the login area.

Connected with the Central User Directory Connected with the Central User Directory

Instead of having a username, the Central User Directory now uses your email address to log in. This change makes it easier to remember your username.

For your security, all passwords were reset. If it is your first time logging in to a website using the Central User Directory, you will need to first create a new secure password. Please click “Forgot your password?” where you will be prompted to enter your email address. A reset password link will be sent to your email within minutes.

Yes, all account information will be preserved once the Central User Directory is enabled. The Central User Directory is connected with Confluence and JIRA and your information has been preserved with your new account.